Make Your Parties More Exciting with These Gadgets

Great parties are not complete without some exciting gadgets spicing things up. Between brighter LCD projectors, smart LED lights, and other cool gadgets, technology is really invading the party scene across the country. There are gadgets for different kinds (and sizes) of parties too.

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In this article, however, we are going to focus more on gadgets that really liven up parties. These gadgets are so popular that you can’t have a great party without them. Let’s dig deeper and take a look at the latest party gadgets, shall we?

Moving Beer Pong Robot

Beer pong is one of those classic party games that everyone enjoys. It is a game that is simple to set up and can be played by anyone in the party. While the classic form of the game remains one of the most popular games you will find at parties, there is now a new way of playing beer pong, with robots.

The Moving Beer Pong Robot started life as a Kickstarter project. The idea behind this gadget is simple. Instead of a static set of beer cups, you can now introduce more challenge to the standard game of beer pong by making the cups move while you try to land a shot.

The gadget is affordable too, so you can have a pair of Moving Beer Pong Robots for your own parties. The robots will automatically move in a random pattern to make the whole game of beer pong that much more exciting to play.

Advanced Photo Booth

Photo booths are also making a huge comeback, especially with the immense popularity of Instagram today. People love to have their pictures taken at a party, especially when there is a custom, truly unique backdrop that shows that they are at that party.

A DSLR photo booth is quite a popular choice, but companies like LA Photo Party now have kits and gadgets that will replace the traditional DSLR and make the whole concept of photo booth better. The LA Photo Party Infinite, for instance, combines a high-quality camera, a special slow-motion camera, and a video camera in one compact package.

You don’t even have to buy your own kit to have a cool photo booth for your party. You can rent gadgets like the LA Photo Party Infinite or Venture and have everything set up for you.

Fujifilm Instax

Taking pictures at a party is exciting; having the party documented is also important. Why not combine both and have guests share their perspective of the party? Thanks to instant cameras like the Fujifilm Instax series, you can have guests taking pictures and capturing the party for you.

There are now companies that rent Instax cameras out for parties. You can also have guests bring their own and simply provide the instant films for them. Instax cameras are so popular that many people now have them. You can have your own photo album filled with instant photos at the end of the party.

Gadgets will continue to make parties more exciting. There will be a ton of new gear and technology designed to spice things up the next time you host an event. Be sure to check back here on Macbite Technology for more!