3 Errors Flying Drones And How To Avoid It

Many say that making mistakes is the best teacher to learn. However, it can not be applied to drones. Once you make a mistake, you can drain your drones under 200.

So you should first learn what to do and avoid before you start flying the first drone.

What are the frequent mistakes and how to avoid them?

  1. Learn to fly the first time wear expensive drones

There is no harm in buying expensive drones if it has enough funds. But if it is still a beginner level, let alone the first time to drown drone world, directly using DJI Phantom 4 is not a wise decision. Because you definitely feel affection if later fall or injury during exercise.

If first try to buy a small drone and most important you do not worry or affection if it falls later. Because you can be sure you will experience drones fall or break several times before adept to fly it.
Another important reason is that inexpensive drones do not have an auto fly mode.

  1. Make sure the drone device is installed strong and complete

Though impressed trivial you have to check and ricek before flying the drone. Not a few cases because the screw is less tight finally dislodged during a flight and can be fatal. Not just the fall drones but the fatalities of others can be affected as well.

In addition, it is also recommended to replace the propeller every 50 times the flight. A pair of propellers should not be used more than 100 times the flight. If used less than 50 times, also still need to be replaced if the age is one year.

  1. Monitor and hold the battery while flying

Do not until you are too absorbed to fly to get too much aerobatic lowbat. If you mistook the mileage, get ready for the drone to run out of power and fall somewhere.

The drone battery will enter the critical low zone normally at the 10% level (default) but can be raised as you see fit. Upon entering the level, the drone automatically landing at the current location.
So when you get a warning immediately point to the way home. Remember, do not fight the wind because it will spend more energy again.

Note also the pressure at altitude because the energy released by the battery can get bigger. Batteries will also run faster in hot weather than when cool.