What are the Benefits of Fully Managed Cloud Hosting for Established Bloggers?

Most people are unaware of the fact that blogs were popular much before websites. A blog was an online space for people to share their thoughts and experiences about anything they wanted. Over time, certain blogs and bloggers started attracting more attention due to the quality of content on their blogs – if you were an entrepreneur in the nineties, imagine reading a blog written by a business tycoon about how to start a new business! Today, blogging is serious business. It requires time, effort, and money to become an established blogger and earn revenue. Hence, while free blogging platforms might be a good way to test the waters, serious bloggers need a dedicated blogging site with a hosting plan that is best suited to them. Today, we will talk about established bloggers and the benefits of a specific hosting type – Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Service for them.

What is Cloud Hosting?

You can think of Cloud Hosting Service as an advanced form of web hosting service where multiple websites reside together, powered by highly secure cloud storage. This service offers the perfect solution to the limitations of the traditional form of hosting by offering instant resource scalability, efficient backups and recovery processes and advanced protection of site data for effective traffic management.

Most hosting types offer you the option of availing managed or unmanaged services. In managed services, the web host deploys a team of experts to take care of the technical maintenance activities of your site.

Established Bloggers and Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

When a user visits the blog of an established blogger, he has some expectations. Apart from the quality of content, he expects such blogs to deliver a good user experience. Hence, established bloggers need a hosting service that takes care of the technical aspects of web hosting while they focus on generating amazing content and helping people. Here are some reasons why Fully Managed Cloud Hosting is a great option for bloggers:

1.       Performance of the blogging site

Blogging sites need to perform well as that can help ensure that visitors go through maximum content on the site. A visitor that explores your site will help you earn higher revenues while offering you an opportunity to make an ever-lasting impression. It is a win-win.

In fully Managed Cloud Hosting services, since a team of experts manages the technicalities of the site, your hosting service is always optimized. This helps your site perform better.

2.       Cost-Efficiency

While there is no debate about the fact that traditional Shared Hosting plans are the cheapest plans available, Cloud Hosting is more cost-efficient. If you opt for unmanaged services, then you will have to bear the costs of hiring different technical professionals to manage the technical aspects of your website. In the long-run, it will be costlier than buying a managed service.

3.       Advanced Site Security

A site that is exposed to online threats can push your regular visitors away for good and hurt the SEO of your site. You cannot compromise on-site security. In today’s times, the cyber-world is teeming with viruses, malware, and hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities. Hence, ensuring the security of your site can be a time and cost-consuming process. However, with fully managed hosting, the web host takes care of the security measures and offers advanced site security to you.

4.       Automatic Backups

A blogging site is all about content. Even if the web host uses the latest tools to secure your site, there is a possibility that some threat gets through the defenses and corrupts or deletes your data. The only way you can get around it is by having a recent backup of your site. While you can and must take regular backups on a local machine, fully managed services take automatic backups of your site every day.

Summing Up

Hence, as you can see, a Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Service offers features that are especially beneficial to established bloggers. If you are looking to change your hosting plan, then spend some time researching this service before making a decision. Good Luck!